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Sika® Post Fix
Easy-to-Prepare, Mix-in-the-Bag and Fast Setting
Polyurethane Foam for Supporting and Backfilling Fence,
Mail-Box, Gate and Signage Posts

$15.99 each


Description Sika® Post Fix is a two-part, pre-proportioned polyurethane resin which when mixed
produces an expanding foam. It has been specifically formulated and packaged
to provide a lightweight, mix-in-the-bag, fast-setting and high-strength backfill for
wooden, PVC and steel in-ground supports. Sika® Post Fix is based upon Sika’s
proven foam technology and designed for easy, convenient and quick support of many
types of post.

Where to Use:

■ Fence and gate posts.
■ Signage posts.
■ Mail-box posts.


■ Packaged in lightweight, comfortable to handle pouches.
■ Easy and fast to prepare; just roll up pouch, open and pour.
■ Pre-proportioned for quality control and predictable performance.
■ Sets in 3 minutes (temperature-related); allowing faster placing and support of posts.
■ High strength and resistant to uptake of water.
■ Suitable for use with wooden, PVC and steel posts.
■ Seals and protects base of post.
■ Compatible with use in cold conditions without need for additives.